Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Straight thoughts 136

We lost another battle. O.k., let's regroup, prepare for the next battle and continue to fight each of the battles we lost, in the hope of reversing their outcome. Right?
If a minority government can ram through an illegal, destructive, morally degrading and unpopular legislation, can you imagine what a majority government can do to us?
Canada is in crisis as an institution. The attack on society's fundamental cell (the family) is the best evidence of the crumbling of the nation. The passing of Bill C-38, same sex "marriage", reinforces what we have been saying for years:
- Government is not representative and dictatorial. The current form of dictatorship happens to be National Socialism. Dictatorships are possible in Canada because we do not have a democracy.A complete reform of Canada's institutions - Constitution, Parliament, Senate and Courts - must happen first, in order to restore democracy. Political appointments by the PM, in the thousands, must stop.
- Government (Parliament and Senate) are not representative of the people. Currently, for example, Quebecers are represented by the Liberals and by the BQ. Is it possible that 90% of Quebecers were supporting this legislation? The system of election needs to be reformed federally as well as in the provinces that have not done so yet.
- The courts are not places of justice. Legal arguments are useless, when the members of the Supreme Court, like in a third world country, are politically appointed, and are not accountable to anyone, for life.
- We have lost another battle BECAUSE we do not want to reconcile the strategies of the various groups fighting the culture war and BECAUSE we have no war plan.
I invoke all pro-life, pro-family organizations to come together and develop a war plan. We are the moral majority and we need to act like one. We need to speak with one voice and be recognized as one group. Nothing less will do. We owe it to our children.