Saturday, May 21, 2005

Straight thoughts 134

Any one of the many illegal deeds uncovered by the Gomery enquiry would have caused the government of any democratic country to fall.

If a cabinet minister is tainted with even an allegation of impropriety, he/she is normally asked to resign.

If a candidate admits to accepting a cash donation during an election or admits to infringing the election rules, his election is null and void.

The Gomery enquiry discovered that a party president, several ministers of the ruling party and many bureaucrats have infringed the law and the election rules, but neither has the RCMP intervened, nor has Election Canada invalidated the past elections, nor has the Governor General declared the current government illegitimate.

One aspect that seriously affects us all is the agenda of the "national" media.

Evidence #1. The NDP, normally a party directed by idealism and principles, lowered itself to impose a corrupt government on the nation for the sake of achieving their short term goal. The Canadian media were quiet on this. Jack Layton came out of the deal untainted, as he "helped" us maintain the current ruling party in power.

Evidence #2. Canadians do not want an election. Which is the reason?
a) they do not want to take half an hour of their time to prevent millions of dollars of our taxes from finding their way into Liberal-friendly pockets?
b) they do not want to spend $200 million (six dollars per person) for the election?
c) they do not want the aggravation of seeing signs on the streets?
or d) they do not want their soap operas and prime time TV shows to be preempted by political panels?

Canadians have been convinced by the "national" media that they do not want an election, because "there is no alternative" to the Liberals. National elections, the most important expression of democracy, are now perceived as a "bad thing" for the summer, like excessive exposure to the sun.

As the Gomery commission uncovered more and more dirt, the "national" media were busy declaring that Canadians did not want an early election. Promptly commissioned polls came out with some of these findings. The media reported the polls. Canadians then adjusted their opinion according to what everyone else thinks, as reported by the media, with evidence from interviews with "people on the street".

Very soon the Liberals had "recovered".

The gregarious nature and the ignorance of Canadians in political matters is so deep, that the "national" media can manipulate us into thinking that a government which was improperly elected and which infringed the law is actually OK for Canada.

How do you fight that? We are in a democracy aren't we?

The "national" media rallies us to avoid elections and maintain an unscrupulous government in power.

This is the essence of national socialism, not the free expression of democracy.

Talking about a Canadian "democratic deficit" is an understatement. Once Parliament has regained its moral integrity and the trust of Canadians, it should implement the same electoral reforms that were initiated in Ontario and Quebec. In addition, it should review the method of appointing judges to achieve independence between the legislative and the judicial branches of government. It should also review the way Senators and diplomats are chosen, the monopoly of national media, the role of the CBC and the CRTC, and a host of other issues.

The real recovery of democracy in Canada will take some time, but it can happen. It should be an issue for the next election and a priority for Canadians.

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