Friday, May 06, 2005

Straight thoughts 133

May 5, 2005
My message last month was in favour of continuing government support for families with autistic children.
Fortunately more and more media are exposing the inconsistency of Premier Dalton McGuinty on this subject.
The Premier said that even if the Ontario Court of appeal would rule in favour of continuing support for autistic children, the government, according to him, is not required to follow the court's recommendation.
Then, about a week ago, the Premier said that if the Human Rights Commission (a quasi-judicial entity) ruled in favour of funding sex change operations he would follow their recommendation.
Apart from the obvious discrimination against autistic children and in favour of sexually challenged individuals, the Premier is willing to renege on an election promise (surprised?) and spend very scarce healthcare dollars on a voluntary procedure with no proven health benefit.
You really wonder whether we have the luxury to fund voluntary procedures such as abortion and sex change operations, while people and families with real health needs are turned away. What is he going to fund next? Augmentation procedures? Implants? Cosmetic surgery?
If you have just filed your income taxes, you might bear in mind that the Premier raised our taxes (another broken promise) by adding a healthcare surtax. Now you know how he intends to spend our money.

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