Thursday, November 25, 2004

Straight thoughts 125

November 25, 2004

There are “defining” moments when a decision or an event will transform someone’s life.

At this time, we have come to an event that will transform the political landscape in Ontario.

Finally, the electoral reform we have been advocating for years is under way in Ontario, as well as at the federal level.

Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty announced in mid November that the Ontario government will ask a group of citizens from across the province to recommend reforms to the electoral system. The committee's primary concern will be the parliamentary practice of awarding seats in the legislature based on election victories in individual ridings. He promised that any recommendations that would fundamentally change the way governments are elected would be put to voters before the next election. In a speech to the government-sponsored Dialogue on Democracy conference he said: "If that assembly recommends an alternative, we will hold a referendum on that alternative within our mandate. When it comes to how the people elect their representatives, the people of Ontario will have their say."

The effect of a more proportional system of representation in Ontario will be unprecedented.

The way you vote, and the reasons why people vote, are going to change, possibly within this government’s mandate. Electoral Reform is happening even faster than we had hoped for!

With the new system, you will not need to vote for (or against) the perceived winner in your riding, but you will be able to vote according to your conscience for the candidate(s) and the party that best reflect your values.

All votes across Ontario for each party will be counted and the Legislature will better reflect the popular vote.

Such new electoral system would virtually assure the election of Family Coalition Party candidates to the Ontario Legislature.

With the current system some individuals and organizations felt that voting according to conscience was a "waste", as our candidates had little chance of being elected. With a new, more proportional system instead, all people of conscience will be morally bound to exercise their best option.

Most people who consider morality not “relative”, but unchanging, according to natural law and coming from a higher authority, agree with our party policies. These people, at parity of opportunity, would vote for our Party

Electoral Reform will level the playing field. Every vote for our party will be counted to elect representatives at Queen’s Park.

Support for our party will greatly increase when we will be able to tell people that their vote will elect one of our candidates.

Pro-life organizations, family associations and Churches will counsel their members to vote for the party that best reflects their moral values. With a new electoral system, this can only mean to vote for the only pro-family, pro-life party: The Family Coalition Party!

In our opinion, our party represents at least 20% of the population. Twenty pro-family, pro-life MPPs, united under a pro-family party policy and lead by a pro-family leader would be a political block to be reckoned with.

However, even with a handful of elected MPPs, the Family Coalition Party will determine which coalition will govern Ontario and will likely be part of that coalition. Can you imagine the difference that will make?

It is now the time to organize, expand our membership and attract the people who will be in government in the next few years.

In spite of the concerted effort of the media to block our message, we have made inroads through direct communication with our subscribers through the mail and through the internet.

With your help, we will be able to achieve two short-term goals:

First, we have a large untapped potential. If you can, please send us names, E-mail addresses and mailing addresses of people you know who should be our supporters.
Our short term objective is to increase our mailing list by two thousand new subscribers.

Second, Our party must be ready for when we will be called to be part of a coalition government.
We must elect representatives to do that. Our short term objective is to organize across Ontario.

Opportunity is "banging" at the door. Are we going to respond?