Saturday, August 28, 2004

Straight thoughts 122

August 28, 2004

I seldom comment on federal issues, but the following is going to affect you in a big way.

Either you have chosen to live in Canada, coming from a country where your freedoms were probably restricted, or you were born here and you have chosen to stay.

Unfortunately, your choice is based on a lie.

You may have known that this country was more “socialized” than the average country.

You may know that many people in Canada prefer to pay higher taxes than getting involved personally in helping their neighbour in need.

You may know that politicians tend to embellish the truth and adorn their promises with lies.

You may know about recent political and administrative scandals, centralized and ever more expensive healthcare, centralized, expensive and poor education for your children, but you are still willing to fight for a better Canada.

You may know of high income taxes, GST, PST, business taxes and deductions, high property taxes, capital gains taxes and succession taxes, but you still think that your Canadian citizenship is worth all that.

The lie is that you have been made to believe that Canada is a democracy.

It is not. Elections do not make a democracy.

We have pointed out before that both the European Community and Amnesty International include the following, in their basic criteria to determine whether a country is democratic or whether it is a dictatorship:

“There must be independence between the Legislature and the Judiciary”.

In Canada we have no such independence. Judges at every level, including Supreme Court judges, are appointed by the Prime Minister or by the Premiers.

For this reason, Canada would not be allowed to join the European Community and would not qualify to receive international aid, just like other dictatorships.

I do not know how to emphasize the importance of this single deficit in our Constitution, and its effects on the survival of this nation.

How much is your freedom worth to you?

The fact that Senators are also appointed by the Prime Minister is another serious “democratic deficit.” The Canadian Senate is a useless institution rubberstamping political decisions taken by Cabinet. It is a waste of time and money, mostly used to save the government’s face. But however important the Elected Senate issue is, it pales in comparison to the issue of independence of the Judiciary.

We can elect new governments and, in the long run, Senators also change. But the Supreme Court affects you immediately and irrevocably.

After 1982, the Supreme Court has acquired almost unbounded powers. It not only rules on existing law, but “reads in” new law. It rules on every aspect of our life, from abortion in the womb, to the legality of euthanasia at the moment of our death. Even the supremacy of God, which the Charter claims, is now subordinate to the interpretation of the Supreme Court.

Can you see the importance of the process used in choosing the people for that Court?

Can you understand why every nation in the world prevents the interference of the ruling party or possibly corrupted politicians in that choice?

Many valuable writers and journalists have exposed the latest appointments by Paul Martin of extreme left wing judges Abella and Charron to the Supreme Court.

These appointments are overtly in preparation of the expected Supreme Court ruling on what constitutes “marriage”. What the nation thinks about it will be irrelevant.

Many have pointed out that the system of such appointments is a farce and that it should be changed. But when will it be changed?

I am old enough to remember the discussions around the Charter of Rights before 1982. Why was the appointment system not reformed at that time? Probably Trudeau did not want to lose his despotic power, but not even Trudeau could have foreseen the effectiveness of the governing machine in crashing the will of the people under the new Charter.

Which Prime Minister is going to re-open this issue? Are Canadians ever going to wake up and vote for a leader that respects God, human life and freedom?

We have lost all powers to govern ourselves.

Majority rule (the mark of democracy) is now meaningless.

We are the only nation in the “civilized” world with no law on abortion, where the opinion of the majority is irrelevant and where “what is good” is defined by the (liberal) media, the PM and a few hand-picked friends of the regime.

If there ever was an issue important enough to start a revolution in Canada, this is it.

But a revolution in Canada is as likely as manna from the sky.

What are we to do then?

Perhaps it is time for the many Canadian organizations currently fighting individual battles, to unite and fight the battle for our freedom and for the survival of the nation. Those who realize that we are fighting a war of values, need also realize that every battle is ultimately legally determined by the judges of the Supreme Court.

Right to Life organizations, REAL Women, CHP, FOTF, CFAC, CLC, CCRL, CCIC, CCC, CIVITAS, FACT, PFLI, CPL, EPC, ECP, NCLN and many others need to stop what they are doing and unite their efforts to stop the business of government until our Constitution is revised.

The system for the selection of judges in the lower courts and in the Supreme Court must be reformed, the system for selecting Senators must be reformed, all the current judges in the Courts of Appeal and in the Supreme Court must be dismissed and new judges must be selected without the intervention of elected politicians.

Failing that, every one of those organizations will lose each of their battles, and the war to save our nation will be lost.