Monday, December 22, 2003

Straight thoughts 113

December 22nd, 2003

2003 has been a year filled with world events and political changes, such as the war in Iraq, SARS, the biggest blackout in history, the capture of Saddam Hussein, a new mayor in Toronto, a new NDP leader, a new united Conservative party of Canada, a new government in Ontario and a new Canadian Prime Minister, to mention just a few.

However, just in time to spoil our Christmas spirit, the Canadian editors of Time Magazine, chose to honour the first two homosexuals who obtained a marriage license as the "Men of the year", while the Globe and Mail chose the three Ontario judges who "ordered" our government to change the definition of marriage as the "Nation builders of the year".

The aim of the media, to advance the social liberal agenda, has never been more evident.

At the same time in Toronto, "massage parlours" and "escort services" have been stormed by the police looking for under-age victims of sexual exploitation. This is part of a global sex trade of unheard proportions, where children are robbed, victimized, enslaved and sold in the trade, often reaching sex establishments in north-American cities. These children grow up without hope of ever buying back their freedom and are dumped in the local markets when, often sick, abused and robbed of their self-esteem, will continue to prostitute themselves as they see it as their only choice.

Investigative reporter Victor Malarek, in his book "The Natashas, the New Global Sex Trade", calls it: "the greatest human rights challenge of our century". It is also the third most profitable global trade after illegal drugs and illegal weapons.

The perpetrators and the guilty in this trade are not the girls, but men: the diplomats, the politicians, the predators and the pimps who are part of this international trade, and especially the clients here at home: The men who pay. The same men who have been sex-educated in our schools since their early teens, who have believed society's liberalization of pre-marital sex, the legalization of adultery, abortion and pornography, who have believed the "normality" of promiscuity, whether with the opposite sex or with the same sex.
Men who spend time in internet chat rooms and triple-X web sites fantasizing about all forms of depravation.
Men unrestrained by an objective moral code and unrestricted by laws, who fall in the downward spiral of promiscuity, perversion and paedophilia.

A 12-year old in Ontario can legally have sex with someone up to two years older, and a 14-year old can legally have sex with an adult, including homosexual intercourse.

Our society has been "sexualised" as much as it has been secularised. The effects are devastating: millions dying of AIDS, millions of children killed by abortion, millions of children sexually abused, up to two million trafficked in the global sex market.

Still our media celebrate the "great advances of social liberalism" (read: free sex by anyone with anyone, anytime, anywhere), while covering up the connections between early sex "education" and teen pregnancy, contraceptives and abortion, "safe" sex and venereal diseases, pornography and sexual abuse, homosexuality and AIDS.

The price of freedom, you might say.

But then, why are we - social conservatives - being silenced through "hate legislation" and "Human Rights Tribunals"?
Why are we under-represented in government, in the media and in the courts?

The answer is that the same fuel that runs the sex trade, internet pornography and sexual exploitation, also runs the major media and many men in positions of influence and authority: Tainted money.

It will require a great commitment on our part in order to turn things around.