Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Straight thoughts 106

June 3rd, 2003

Where do you think your taxes are going? There are many ways our money can be spent, but wouldn't you be outraged if I told you that you are supporting, with your taxes, the gay pride parade?

The Ontario Minister of tourism Brian Coburn has just announced the latest government idea to attract tourists to Toronto, at the expense of all Ontario taxpayers. The PCs have no consideration about the morality of the issue and, in the attempt to counteract the economic effects of SARS, may contribute to the spread of AIDS (73% of people with AIDS are homosexual) with further implication for taxpayers: Each AIDS patient costs us an average of $100,000 per year.

I am assuming of course that many of the homosexual tourists will want to put in practice their promiscuous lifestyle during their visit in Toronto.

SARS is a no-no, but AIDS is politically correct.

In addition, the media keeps telling us that 1 million people came last year to Toronto for the gay parade. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you can think the amount of space, planning and personnel which was required for the 800,000 that came to see the Pope last year at Downsview airport, then you have a good idea of how big a crowd of 800,000 people is. In our estimates the number of people at the gay parade last year was about 75,000.

In the same way, the often quoted 10% figure of people with homosexual tendencies is in reality closer to 2.5%. The last census by Statistics Canada found that only 0.5% of Canadian couples living together are homosexual. Will this deter media exaggeration? Not likely.

Manipulation of information is a way towards obtaining special privileges and dictate conditions to people in power.