Thursday, February 13, 2003

Straight thoughts 100

February 13th, 2003

In the news:

Regina McKnight was recently convicted of homicide by child abuse, while her baby was still in the womb. McKnight admitted to smoking crack cocaine throughout her eight-and-a-half month pregnancy. The baby died shortly after being delivered. A jury found her guilty and sentenced her to twelve years in prison. McKnight appealed and the case wound up in front of the South Carolina Supreme Court, which upheld the lower court's decision.

"… the fact that McKnight took cocaine knowing she was pregnant was sufficient evidence to submit to the jury on whether she acted with extreme indifference to her child's life," stated the justices of the Supreme Court.

This case strengthens the pro-life position, not only because a child in the womb has been recognized as a person (the victim), but because it shows the ridiculous inconsistency of laws that abandon the moral path: If Regina McKnight had chosen to abort the baby, she would not have been questioned. She might have received public support as well.

The current law punished "extreme indifference" with a 12-year sentence, but supports mothers who decide to directly "terminate" their baby's life in the womb.

Babies are dead, in both cases.

The first crime is indirect and the prosecution did not claim it was intentional. One victim in the womb. One 12-year sentence.

Abortion is direct and intentional. Over 3,000 victims in North America TODAY alone, including those killed by partial birth abortion.
No sentence. No question. No legal defence for the victim. No alternative proposed.

In the name of a false freedom, we close both eyes and send women and children to the slaughter house.

Can you imagine the hurt when thousands of women realize what they have done?
Can society withstand the thought that we have been horribly deceived for the past thirty years?