Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Straight thoughts 85

December 26th, 2001

Yasser Arafat, a Muslim, has missed the Midnight Mass for the first time since 1995. He calls Christmas a " divine and blessed occasion ". He did everything he could, including asking the Pope, to persuade the Israeli government to let him attend the celebrations.

However, in Canada we are told that Christmas is a politically incorrect festivity. Any reference to Christ, even songs and symbols are being questioned or forbidden in public places.
Our PM, among other politicians, has banned the name of Jesus Christ in official events, remembrance celebrations and has even asked chaplains in the armed forces to refrain from uttering His name.

Isn't it amazing that these prohibitions are done in the name of liberty and tolerance: "not to offend other religions"? Arafat felt violated for NOT being able to attend! Most major religions consider Jesus Christ an exemplary figure.

Either our politicians are grabbing the politically correct line cast by the major media to catch dolts, or, more likely, they have gone too far in violating the message of Christ to bear His name stirring their own conscience.