Saturday, July 28, 2001

Straight thoughts 76

July 28th, 2001


It is difficult to let go of one's own privacy for the sake of others.This is the sacrifice the Mielke's family (from Ottawa) is willing to do.Dave Mielke wrote to me: " It's okay if you talk about it. She herself has told others about it, and appears, right from the start, to have come to full terms with it. Others need to know, partly to give them a real illustration of how serious the impact of destroying a family can be, and partly to hopefully prevent a similar occurrence from happening to someone else."

After the Children's Aid Society (CAS) removed nine children from her family for six months…After several thousands of dollars spent in moving to a new house and lawyer fees… After months of tension and frustration, fear and inquisition…After the youngest of their children had been physically and sexually abused by his foster parents…After the CAS imposed conditions and has been intruding in their family for a year, without ever finding any reason for suspecting abuse…After "…she started complaining of constantly seeing flashbacks of our children being taken away…"

Dave's wife attempted suicide, by taking an overdose of the pills her doctor had prescribed for her regularly (subsequent to a problematic pregnancy) for ten years. After several days in the hospital and a few weeks under psychiatric care, she has now recovered.

Dave says: "What she did was so out of character that there had to be a most unusual cause. It caught everyone by surprise, including me, our doctor, our pharmacist, and even the psychologist."

An unjust law like Bill 6, giving the CAS powers to remove children from their loving family without justified reason, has very serious traumatic effects on the children, on the mother, on the father, and on society.Innocent families from Aylmer leaving Canada for fear of the CAS?People driven to suicide because of nightmares about a government agency?

Is this Ontario – Canada? Hard to believe.