Monday, June 04, 2001

Straight thoughts 71

June 4th, 2001

The famous "separation between Church and State" or between "Religion and politics" has been interpreted in many ways depending on the culture of the time. The model has obviously changed in the last three centuries.

In 1800, in North America and most of Europe, politics included defense, judiciary and sporadically taxation.
Most people had a common moral, based on the 10 commandments, that was used in every other decision.
The line of separation between religion and politics was horizontal: morality was at the base of political leaders' thinking and acting.

By year 1900, politics became a bit more complex. Policing, taxation and public works, for example, were added to the traditional defense and judiciary functions of the State.
At the same time, the fact that some people had no religious base did not prevent them from becoming involved in leadership positions (with some historically tragic examples).
The line of separation between religion and politics became vertical. It now meant that both people of faith and people of no faith could equally get involved in leadership positions and in government.

By year 2000, any public manifestation or decision affecting society was appropriated by politics. The environment, safety, research and corporate investments, energy, fisheries, health, economy, value of currency, education, divorce, abortion, homosexuality, human cloning, gaming, charity, family definition, control of what we eat, smoke, how we drive, bike or even walk, control of the radio and TV, public gatherings and private dealings, legal matters and moral matters. The list is endless.
As a result religion was excluded from all these areas.
The line of separation between religion and politics became a circle. It now meant that anything is of competence of the state, inside the political circle. Religion (absolute morality) must stay outside of it.

The metamorphosis is not going to stop here. In fact I believe it is going to cycle once more from the start, for as history teaches us, a society governed without moral principles will either change or disappear.
As a society we need to re-found ourselves, just as our forefathers did, on absolute values, truth and morals that are outside of the political territory (i.e. they are not decided by governments or by referendum) , but must be at the basis of any government law and decision.
The Family Coalition Party is a pre-cursor of this paradigm.