Saturday, November 11, 2000

Straight thoughts 49

November 11, 2000

By even proposing a 42% increase in salary for MPPs, Ontario premier Michael Harris displayed blatant inconsistency and utter arrogance.
The same government that reduced the number of MPPs by 25%, with the excuse of saving money, is now increasing their salary by 42%!
The same government that asked public servants to limit their increases to 4% or 2%, is asking 42% for themselves!

Ontarians recognize the inappropriateness of MPPs voting their own salary increases.
Salaries of MPPs should be legislated to be twice the average salary of employed Ontarians, to be recalculated with each budget, and to be fully taxable.
In this way MPPs' earnings would automatically be tied to Ontario's economic prosperity and tax levies, which they are supposed to control.

(Too simple?)