Monday, June 26, 2000

Straight thoughts 35

June 26, 2000

We often hear about 'family values' during political races in Canada and in the U.S. What does it mean to support the family?

Family values are not just a list of qualities (respect, interdependence, cooperation, social responsibility) or a list of virtues (self-sacrifice, loyalty, fidelity).

To support the family means to consider the family as the basic cell of society.

Defending family values necessarily requires the higher levels of governments to recognize the family as a basic level of government.
According to the principle of subsidiarity, the government should not intervene in those matters that are regulated by the family itself, and should not take away responsibilities from parents.

The negation of this principle has wide consequences on the economy, social programs, taxation and education.

Those politicians, from left, right or center, who spew out lists of values, but promote a more centralized government to take over responsibilities from parents do not really support families. They are in a power struggle for the family's turf.