Monday, May 15, 2000

Straight thoughts 29

May 15, 2000

Despite numerous protests from concerned Catholics, the CBC has decided to air a 22-minute mini-drama called 'Our Daily Bread' in which an old lady shares the Holy Eucharist with her dog. This type of insult is probably the worst blasphemy you could imagine for a Catholic. This is just the last of many incidents in which the CBC has voluntarily attacked and offended the Catholic faith.

In the meantime the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC), supposedly a "watchdog" of Canadian Broadcasting, is asking a Canadian radio station (AM640) to apologize for Dr. Laura Schlessinger's observations about homosexuals, since she referred to some of their behaviour as 'abnormal', 'aberrant', 'deviant' and 'disordered'.

How come the CBSC thinks that 'freedom of speech' covers the CBC, to the point of direct insult and blasphemy against Catholics, while they believe that homosexual behaviour cannot be referred to with 'pejorative' adjectives?