Saturday, February 12, 2000

Straight thoughts 20

February 12, 2000

When the same-sex bill was introduced today, the government reported that about 140,000 households will be affected by the legislation.To arrive at this number they counted same-sex Canadians who shared a dwelling, and subtracted those who were related or were university students. The government is catering to a small minority of gay activists. Since the number of households in Canada is about 14 million, the 140,000 affected by the new legislation represent about 1%. Since not all of them are homosexuals, homosexual couples must be less than 1%.

The government is creating more problems:

1. Of these cohabitating people only those who lived together for more than one year AND are having sexual relationship will be entitled to benefits. Who is going to check that? As I predicted, a sex-police squad would have to be created for this law to work.

2. The proposed legislation specifically excludes dependent relationships (father and son, or grandmother and daughter) who may need support. This anti-family bias has already been pointed out by a couple of liberal backbenchers. They have asked for ALL to have benefits. Sounds familiar? See Straight thoughts #9.