Saturday, October 30, 1999

Straight thoughts 7

October 31, 1999

With tolerance being proclaimed as society's greatest virtue, I wonder why:

We must tolerate people engaging in filthy sexual behaviour in Toronto 'bath houses', but cannot tolerate people who say the 'Our Father' at the beginning of council meetings in Ontario.

We must tolerate and pay for rubbish in Art Galleries for children to see, but cannot tolerate them praying in school.

We must tolerate gay pride parades in every town, but cannot tolerate a grandmother picketing in silence in front of the Mortgentaler abortuary.

We must tolerate anti-Christian shows and blasphemous films, but cannot tolerate three pro-life journalists taking pictures of that same grandmother in Toronto.

We must tolerate and pay for the taking of human life through abortion, but cannot tolerate the 'Show-the-truth' signs depicting it, in Fenelon Falls.

We must tolerate people choosing to possess child pornography, but cannot tolerate nurses choosing not to assist with procedures that are against their conscience.

We must tolerate homosexuals using the washrooms of their 'felt gender' (according to the OHRC), but cannot tolerate a policeman like David Packer respectfully asking his superiors to be assigned to some other duty.

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