Tuesday, October 12, 1999

Straight thoughts 3

October 12, 1999

A week ago the NDP was about to expel from the party Buzz Hargrove, the head of the Auto Workers Union, for his behaviour during the last Provincial election. During the last election Hargrove suggested to vote strategically, for the candidate who could oust the PC candidate in each riding. As a result the NDP lost some opportunities to elect MPPs and the PC received a majority anyway.

Would pro-life, pro-family and Christians expel from their associations and Churches people who voted strategically? Not a chance.
It is a good thing that the moral majority maintained its individual freedom to vote. The last thing we need is a Church that imposes a political stand on its members.

However, when people do not even know the issues and vote according to the opinion of the media, I wonder why our Church leaders do not take a stand and tell the people to vote according to conscience, and not strategically.

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